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Using a Third Party Editing Service: A Student’s Perspective

Writing assignments for college and university can be extremely daunting. They are difficult, time-consuming and more often than not, mentally draining. Life as a student has turned me into a nighthawk who is powered by coffee because – as I’m sure you would agree – there just isn’t enough hours in the day. I for one think students are incredible and we sometimes don’t the credit we deserve! I have no idea how we manage to juggle three different assignments that are all due at the same time, exercise, work, do household chores, maintain a social life, all the while handling other commitments and responsibilities. We’re not superhuman though, and life can sometimes get in the way. We don’t always have a sufficient amount of time and energy to write an essay to the best of our ability which means that our writing does not reach its full potential.


I’ve said to my parents “I’m so stressed that I can’t mentally function anymore” more times than I would like to admit and I have pulled more all-nighters than I can count. It goes without saying that my essays during times like this were not up to scratch, and despite their potential to be excellent, they were average at best. It’s safe to say that I’ve had some pretty disheartening marks over the years, despite the hard work I thought I put in. It’s only when I read the lecturers feedback (especially those oh-so-kind lecturers that thoroughly go through your essay and give you as much constructive criticism as possible) that I realised I was underperforming.


The first time I used ProofMaster, I had written one of those last-minute assignments that I knew would probably just scrape a pass mark. However, as usual, I had another assignment to write so I didn’t really have the time to edit and perfect it. Although my time management may be poor, I’m a fourth-year BA English Literature student and I know how to string sentences together and effectively convey my argument. To be completely honest, I don’t know what I was expecting from a third party editing service, but I definitely didn’t set my expectations too high.


I got the document back within a couple of days and I was completely shocked at how meticulous the editor had been. As your document is being edited manually by one editor (as opposed to computer generated editing), the editor was rigorous to ensure I got the best grade possible. Every single sentence of my work had been edited including the punctuation, grammar and diction. They had also written additional sentences and added words and phrases when necessary to link sentences and paragraphs together. The editor had re-arranged sentences and moved paragraphs about so that my argument was compelling and the ideas and evidence flowed naturally. Moreover, the editor had inserted a great deal of comments down the side margin suggesting that I expand on certain points more, delete sentences that were too repetitive, clarify specific ideas, add references to concepts that appeared generalised and they even provided a link to an important article that I should read so that I could further develop my argument. I ended up getting 78% for that assignment and believe you me, getting a “first” is an amazing achievement considering how strictly marked English coursework is due to its subjective nature.


Using a third party editing service will not only ease the pressure you put on yourself, but it will help to create a more coherent argument as the editor will point out areas for improvement. Every single assignment in university matters and it may be the case that your mark for one essay will be a make or break. Similarly, your all-important dissertation mark could potentially determine your degree classification. Last year, I was on track for a 2:1 Honours degree, but with the help of ProofMaster (as well as less late nights and better time management), I’m finally on track for a First!


At university level, your piece of writing should be a complex, challenging and mentally stimulating. However, there are times when our writing is unclear or we haven’t constructed an effective argument. On occasion, we may even feel completely perplexed and are therefore unable to answer the essay question adequately. ProofMaster can help you accomplish the grades you deserve by editing your work so that it’s an academically written document that is innovative and interesting for markers to read. Considering all the money us students spend socialising and buying new clothes, a third party editing service is definitely affordable and you are guaranteed to get your money’s worth.


As students, we are naturally busy so we cannot put 100% into everything we do 24/7. Yes, this even includes assignments. In the past, I have asked fellow students and lecturers to read my work and comment on it. Although this is beneficial, I’m aware that everyone feels the pressure of looming deadlines and may not have the time to give valuable feedback. This is where a third party editing service can help take the pressure off you as the help from professional editors will improve your overall quality of written English and will boost your academic strength.


I could not recommend ProofMaster enough. They have helped me accomplish my desired grades and it has been a valuable learning experience because I can take constructive criticism on board so that I can implement it in future essays!

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