Reliable, affordable and confidential audio and video transcription services with a guaranteed time-saving 12-hour turnaround.

90p per minute

Industry leading transcription services tailored to student needs

You’ve recorded your interview for your project but you don’t have time to transcribe it, you just want to get on with the analysis. You’ll naturally want your transcription to hit the mark on quality for the best chance possible of accurate analysis. You’ll therefore need to be diligent in your choice of transcription service.

Unfortunately, not all transcription services are equal. Some use automated speech recognition programs, and others are not based in the UK, often resulting in poor quality transcripts and a lack of understanding of academic idioms and colloquial phrases. This can prove problematic for time-poor students with aspirations of top grades.

All Proof Master transcription work is undertaken by experienced and highly educated specialists, all of them UK based, native English speakers. With careful listening, they’ll capture every word of your recordings. Your transcription is handled by degree-qualified academic editors with in-depth understanding of specialist terminology, therefore it will be returned to you proof perfect and ready for submission.

With our clients acknowledging our service as one of the most superior quality in the industry, offering 99% plus accuracy, Proof Master makes the astute choice for academic transcription.

Why Choose Proof Master?


99%+ Accuracy




Affordable Price Point


Secure Online Ordering


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


All Human Editing

Optional Extras



+20p per minute

Timestamps [00:30] can be included at least once every 30 seconds and at every change in speaker. Particularly useful for video transcription.



+20p per minute

Verbatim “ugh” captures non-verbal and verbal nuances, including false starts, stutters, fillers and slang. Particularly useful for discourse analysis.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I submit my audio or video file?

Simply attach your audio or video file to an email and outline your requirements. Alternatively, get in touch with us via our Contact Form.

What will my document look like?

You will receive a typed, Microsoft Word transcript of your audio or video document. Each speaker will be identified throughout. If you require a specific format, please contact us to discuss this. We will be happy to oblige.

Basic vs Verbatim transcription

Basic transcription provides a grammatically correct account of the recording, for example using "because" instead of "cuz". Verbatim transcription provides a literal account of the recording, including stutters, false starts and fillers.

Security & confidentiality

Security and confidentiality is of upmost importance. Our editors sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure your confidentiality is maintained. Our online payment system uses encrypted SSL certificates to ensure your details are secure.

Can I make a future reservation?

We welcome all future reservations. If you inform us of your upcoming work, including the length, deadline and service you require, we will be able to reserve an editor for you.

How do I pay?

Proof Master is a registered company in the UK. We have options to use PayPal and credit card payments. Payment is taken in advance. Once the payment is cleared we will allocate your work to one of our qualified proofreaders.

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