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Proof Master’s job is to help make the university experience easier. For many people, there can be a sense of pressure to perform well. You might be the first in your family to go to university, or you might be pursuing a career in a competitive field that demands high grades. We help to alleviate that pressure by offering a fresh perspective. Some people are fortunate enough to have friends or roommates that are willing to look over their work for them. For those who don’t have such enthusiastic friends, or perhaps left it a bit too late to ask (we have all done it!), Proof Master can certainly help you.

Academic marking criteria are tough to navigate. Our services are designed to support students across different levels; whether you have a final draft and are fairly confident in your writing (Proofreading), or you feel your writing flair could do with a little support, or you have dyslexia (Copy Editing), or you need feedback on whether you’re even answering the question well (Essay Critique), we have a service to meet your needs. We are a friendly and approachable team, so feel free to get in touch if you aren’t sure which service to pick.

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