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UK proofreading services are used by students in their thousands throughout Great Britain during every academic year. Proof Master is a leading provider of proofreading services UK wide, committed to helping native and non-native English speaking students achieve the grades they deserve and the future they have worked tirelessly to accomplish.

As a student, you will dream of academic success and the wonderful future that will follow on from it. Your family will be proud and you will be rewarded for the hard work and dedication you have put in.

Ultimately however, your future career comes down to one thing: your grades. The quality of your written work will determine how good those grades are.

Too many students lose out on top grades because they lack confidence or the ability to communicate their knowledge or understanding in the academic style that is demanded by markers. It’s a shame because the expertise is there, it’s just the word-perfect style, impact and flow that capture markers’ attention and boost grades are just not coming across.

  • Are you lacking confidence in your written work?
  • Have you received tutor feedback that you are unsure how to action?
  • Frustrated because the perfection you strive for is missing?
  • Confident in your knowledge but struggling to communicate it?

The good news is there is a solution; one that is used widely by students in the UK: proofreading and enhanced editing services from Proof Master.

At Proof Master, we offer a range of quality proofreading services UK wide specifically designed to assist native and non-native English speaking students by enhancing their work without falling foul of university policy. With Proof Master, you are guaranteed:

  • Strict quality control
  • Affordable, value-added pricing
  • Secure online ordering
  • Fast turnaround
  • Professional academic editors
  • Adherence to university proofreading policy
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

Our UK Proofreading Services

The services we provide are delivered personally by professional language experts. This is NOT an online proofreading service.

Instead we use a strictly screened team of native English academic editors. They are qualified as a minimum to Master’s level; many of them have PhDs and some are lecturers or teachers. In other words, they know precisely what markers demand and what is required to drive a thesis, dissertation or assignment upwards from average to outstanding.

The services we offer are:

Professional Proofreading

Professional UK proofreading corrects spelling and grammar issues, perfects punctuation and amends typographical errors. None of these are picked up by computer spell-checkers, which is why so many students fall down thinking that because their document has no red underlines, their assignment must therefore be proof perfect. Not always the case!

In addition to these corrections, our experienced editors will also assist you in enhancing your work style which will help to demonstrate your understanding of your subject. You will find the language in your assignment academically stronger and, if there appears to be a lack of clarity in your work, you will be given helpful tips on how to improve it.

Enhanced Editing

Enhanced editing is one of our most popular proofreading services UK students rely upon.  Perfect for those who find it a challenge to write clearly, concisely and with the impact required to achieve top marks, this service gives written work a greater level of academic strength.

With the overall meaning of your essay and your original expert key messages preserved, our editors will use specialist knowledge and techniques to improve the quality of your written English. In addition, careful rewording introduces a natural flow that delivers your thoughts in a well-ordered and highly impactful manner.

Paraphrasing and Rewriting

Work that is worthy of publication is work that will win top marks and that is precisely what you will get when you engage our professional academic editors to paraphrase and rewrite your work.

Our editors know in detail how the submission criteria work, making them experts in honing written work to high-calibre perfection. Assignments that have been through this process do the best job possible of communicating students’ thoughts and philosophies in a waffle-free, well-presented style so that work is destined for star grades.

Essay Critique

If you have had past submissions marked down, or you have read and re-read your essay and cannot put your finger on why it doesn’t sound as strong as you feel it could, your confidence will naturally be low. Why not let our specialist academic editors give you a confidence boost?

Our essay critique service involves an expert evaluation of your work across all its elements, including tone, clarity, structure and focus. Feedback will be provided as to whether there are strong enough links between content and theme, and your references will be checked for relevancy. What’s more, you’ll get valuable guidance on writing style to take with you as you progress through your academic career.


The Proof Master student transcription service offers benefits that are a cut above the competition. Not only do we oppose the use of automated speech recognition, we guarantee that ALL transcriptions are undertaken by experienced, degree-qualified specialists who are UK based, native English speakers.

If you need a transcription service, then you will usually be time challenged. Why risk wasting even more time by using a service that won’t give you the precision that is so vital in your project? Our experts have comprehensive knowledge of academic terminology and offer 99 per cent-plus accuracy.

Why Choose Proof Master?


Strict Quality Control


Affordable Price Point


Secure Online Ordering


Fast Turnaround


100% Satisfaction Guarantee


Professional Language Experts

UK Proofreading Frequently Asked Questions – learn more about Proof Master

Is Proof Master’s service compliant with university policy?

All the proofreading services UK students order from Proof Master are compliant with the rules set down by universities governing proofreading. Many of our editors are teachers or lecturers themselves and know very well how to adhere to university policy. You can therefore rest assured that with Proof Master, your work will not only be proof perfect, but also fully compliant. Should you wish, a third party proofreading certificate that meets university third party editor requirements and guidelines can be provided on request.

Does Proof Master use machine editing / online proofreading?

No! All our proofreading services UK wide are 100 per cent undertaken by humans who understand precisely what university markers are looking for. Unlike some of our competitors, no machines are used for any aspect of the work we undertake for our student clients. Proof Master does NOT provide an online proofreading service.

How can I be sure Proof Master will be able to cover my particular subject?

Our UK proofreading editors are qualified across a variety of subjects and our screening process ensures they are capable of the work we assign them. Our senior editors have 10 years’ academic editing behind them and we have the expertise within our team to handle a range of technical subjects including business, finance and economics.

Can Proof Master help me with reference formatting?

Yes. We offer a reference and citation formatting service as an optional extra alongside all our other UK proofreading services. Students value this service as it saves time and guarantees references are presented in such a way that no marks are lost. We can use the system of your choice: APA, Harvard, MHRA or MLA.

In transcription, what does ‘verbatim’ mean?

A verbatim transcription includes everything that is said on the recording. This includes cut-off sentences, err, umm, coughing and the like. This service is usually requested when the essence of the recording needs to be kept intact. It’s commonly used for interviews, investigations and court hearings. Because of the added time required to transcribe in this way, we apply a small premium to the cost.

How quickly can I get my work back?

We offer a standard and an express service for all proofreading services. UK students enjoy turnarounds of as little as 48 hours on our standard service and, for a small premium, 24 hours on our express service. Turnarounds depend on the size of your document and may be affected at particularly busy times of the year. However, we are completely dedicated to doing whatever we can to accommodate your request, so if you have an urgent deadline please talk to us in the first instance and we will let you know what we can do.

Our Proofreaders

Our proofreaders are genuinely high quality editors with a diverse range of backgrounds. We have a series of challenging admission tasks to test our applicants’ attention to detail, with only the best passing, as well as an extensive training process. All of our editors are native English speakers and possess a suitable qualification such as a professional editing certification or University level degree, or even both! Each test is carefully examined by the Editing Director to ensure the same standards are met by every applicant. If they pass we offer extensive training to ensure each editor is happy in the role and we support them all throughout their time with us.

What Our Clients Say

Fast 12 hour turn around

I spoke with the director James yesterday as I was worried that my deadline was really tight. He was able to get my work back in 12 hours. Cost a bit more but so worth it for getting my work sorted on time! The standard of work from this company is very high i’ll definately be using them again.

Michael Johnson

I have tried several paraphrasing companies...

I have tried several paraphrasing companies, but Proof Master has to be the best. First of all, my document was completed 12 hours earlier than expected. Secondly, I really liked the quality of document. Thirdly, customer service is very polite and respond very quickly.


Would recommend

Proof Master is a great company. There work is fantastic, and I would defintely recommend and use them in the future. The prices are low and worth every penny. If you are look for someone to proofread or even re word your work, this is the company to go with.

Natasha Lucy Micallef

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