Proofreading Services for Students

Proofreading Services for Students

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As a university student, your dream of graduating is naturally important to you, and your future career aspirations are no doubt constantly on your mind.

You are rightly concerned that you manage to achieve the grades you need, and you may be wondering how you can boost your essay marks so that you have the best possible chance of academic success. If the quality of your written work is lacking, it could be holding you back from where you deserve to be.

Large numbers of students lack confidence in their written work: it is certainly not uncommon. You clearly know your subject and have gone the extra mile to hone your expertise, it’s just that you may not quite have what the markers are looking for when it comes to clear written communication, academic strength, style, impact and flow. This really is quite normal, which is precisely why so many students turn to professional proofreaders to help them perfect their theses, essays and dissertations.

What are the main proofreading services used by students?

Aside from professional proofreading which as we have already explained corrects spelling and grammar, perfects punctuation and deals with typos, students typically use the following editing services to perfect their written work:

Enhanced Editingenhanced editing

You know your subject and have an abundance of philosophies, observations and ideas to present. All of this information however needs to be set out in a clear, concise and impactful way, otherwise it is quite simply not going to engage your marker and effectively demonstrate the expertise you have worked hard to hone. Enhanced editing boosts academic strength by improving the quality of written English; rewording for enhanced impact and reordering for better flow.

paraphrasing and rewritingParaphrasing and Rewriting

Both of these services result in a well-presented, high calibre piece of written work that perfectly communicates your astute thoughts. If you need to rephrase source text so that it is unique, paraphrasing will do this for you. If your ideas are clouded by waffle and your key messages are hidden away, rewriting will bring everything you want to say to the fore. Naturally the essence of your work will be preserved, but the way it is presented will be polished to perfection.

Essay Critiqueessay critique

You’ve completed your essay, but you know there is something not quite right. Maybe it is lacking impact or substance, or perhaps you just can’t work out what is wrong. A professional proofreading company will be able to take that essay for you and give you feedback on everything from the relevancy of your references to the strength of the links between your theme and your content. You’ll also be given valuable guidance on crafting a winning writing style that will serve you well throughout your academic career.

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What is proofreading?

Proofreading involves the correction of any spelling, grammatical, punctuation or typographical errors in a piece of written work. A proofread service provided by a professional editor will pick up things like incorrect use of similar words, going way beyond what any computer spell-checker will ever be able to do.

Some proofreaders, such as the highly experienced experts at Proof Master, will take the proofread service a step further by making smart vocabulary swaps and suggesting changes to help improve the clarity of your written messages. The result is a piece of work that effectively demonstrates your own expertise through more impactful, academically sound language and delivery.

What qualifications should proofreaders have?

Proofreaders who specialise in proofreading and editing academic work should ideally be qualified to Master’s level so that they have the knowledge and understanding of the specific demands made by university markers. At Proof Master for example, all our strictly screened editors are minimum Master’s qualified, although many have PhDs or are teachers or lecturers. This puts them in the very best position possible to guide students in obtaining the grades they need and desire.

It is important to be aware that not all proofreaders come from an academic background; some are experienced commercial or technical writers, editors or tutors. Others may not have the specific knowledge required to understand your particular subject well enough to advise you on the best way to deliver your work. Therefore always be sure to look for relevant qualifications and experience when seeking suitable proofreaders.

What are the benefits of using a proofread service as a student?

Lots of students – both native English speaking and those with English as a second language – find that they lack confidence in the quality of their written work. This may be because work has been returned for reworking or because grades are not as expected.

Most students really do know their subject inside out; it is just that when it comes to communicating it in the style demanded by university markers, they fall at that hurdle.

By using a professional proofread service, students can focus more on setting down their thoughts and analysing their subject matter and less on worrying about getting their spelling and grammar spot-on, or ensuring they are using the right vocabulary.

Am I allowed to use proofreading services as a student?

Universities all have their own individual policies on the use of proofreading services. These are usually published on the university’s website and will outline what you are and are not allowed to do concerning the use of professional proofreaders. The rules do not usually forbid the use of a third party proofread service, but they will set parameters for you to follow, so be sure you are aware of what they are and that any proofreading service you use is compliant with them.

At Proof Master, all our proofreading and editing services are compliant with university rules. Most of our academic editors are lecturers or tutors themselves which means they are acutely aware of university policy. If you require, we can provide you with a third party proofreading certificate that shows our service meets your university’s guidelines.

How can I find out more about Proof Master’s proofreading services?

You will find plenty of information about our proofreading services here on our website and you may like to watch our short, fun video for an insight into why so many UK students come back time and time again to use Proof Master’s highly rated proofread service. We offer a swift turnaround including an express service for when you need your work back in a hurry.

We’ve worked hard to make it as simple as can be to submit your work for a no-obligation quote on any of our proofreading and editing services. Simply drag and drop or upload your document, choose your service and you’ll get an instant quote based on your word count. Here’s where to get started, and if you need any help at all, you are welcome to get in touch.

Our Proofreaders

Our proofreaders are genuinely high quality editors with a diverse range of backgrounds. We have a series of challenging admission tasks to test our applicants’ attention to detail, with only the best passing, as well as an extensive training process. All of our editors are native English speakers and possess a suitable qualification such as a professional editing certification or University level degree, or even both! Each test is carefully examined by the Editing Director to ensure the same standards are met by every applicant. If they pass we offer extensive training to ensure each editor is happy in the role and we support them all throughout their time with us.

What Our Clients Say

Fast 12 hour turn around

I spoke with the director James yesterday as I was worried that my deadline was really tight. He was able to get my work back in 12 hours. Cost a bit more but so worth it for getting my work sorted on time! The standard of work from this company is very high i’ll definately be using them again.

Michael Johnson

I have tried several paraphrasing companies...

I have tried several paraphrasing companies, but Proof Master has to be the best. First of all, my document was completed 12 hours earlier than expected. Secondly, I really liked the quality of document. Thirdly, customer service is very polite and respond very quickly.


Would recommend

Proof Master is a great company. There work is fantastic, and I would defintely recommend and use them in the future. The prices are low and worth every penny. If you are look for someone to proofread or even re word your work, this is the company to go with.

Natasha Lucy Micallef

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