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Our Website Content Editing services are in the final stages of being refined. Once finished, this service will be there to meet the increasingly high demand that businesses require for more in-depth assistance that helps with SEO optimisation. Writing website content can be incredibly difficult and, when you are also required to consider the key phrases needed to be optimised for SEO, it can seem impossible.

By having an external, objective and professional third party look through your website’s content whilst considering your business’s messaging, it is much easier to ensure that you get across your message whilst also optimising for SEO. At Proof Master, our Website Content Editing services go beyond our simpler Website Proofreading service by offering a complete rework of website’s content. For this service, our editors can either work by altering your website’s content in a Microsoft Word document or with HTML editing software.

It will meet the very high customer demand for something more in-depth that also helps with SEO optimisation. Writing website content is incredibly difficult – you could write the same paragraph multiple times and still not be sure it includes everything your client needs to know. Alternatively, it can be everything you want it to be, but not optimised for SEO and you can’t see how to adjust it to include those key phrases. To discuss your website content editing needs, we recommend booking a consultation call with us on our contact page.

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Website Content Editing Services Overview

At Proof Master, our Website Content Editing services involve a careful consideration of your audience and the tone that is best-suited to addressing them. For instance, some audiences will react much better to a colloquial tone, whilst for other businesses, it may be that a a professional and technical approach is essential to instil confidence. Aside from your content’s tone of voice, our editors will review each and every sentence whilst considering the flow of traffic around your website. This is achieved through a focus on the content’s readability, engagement, and ability to communicate information.

For clear a clear indication of adjustments made, our website Content Editing Services currently require website copy to be sent over in a Microsoft Word document. We are currently, however, working on devising a strategy for HTML mark-up that will offer the same functionality as Word’s Tracked Changes feature. We are happy to speak with you and identify any specific needs to focus on.

  • Enhance flow and readability
  • Consider style and tone in relation to the target audience
  • Improve engagement and interest throughout
  • Proofread for spelling, grammar and typographical errors
  • Consider how the brand is represented by the content

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What to Expect from Our Website Content Editing Services

At Proof Master, we aim to offer Website Content Editing services that are as easy to follow as possible for our clients. Once you have sent over your website’s copy in a Word document, we will find an editor that is well-suited for the task. With all of our editors coming from a variety of higher-education backgrounds, we are guaranteed to have someone that is able to adapt to any required knowledge or messaging quickly. Should you be happy with your website’s SEO optimisation, we also offer a simpler Website Proofreading along with a more specialist Blog Editing service. Before beginning any editorial work, you can rest assured that your allocated editor will keep all information received private. This is because, at Proof Master, all of our editors sign a Non-Disclosure agreement when taking on new work for a client.

Once your website’s copy has been edited, we will pass it through a final Quality Control check to ensure that it has been done to Proof Master’s expected standards. After this has been completed, you will be notified of your document’s completion and receive an email from which it can be downloaded. You are also able to download this from the “My Order” section of your Proof Master account. This downloaded file will include two versions of your website’s copy: one with Tracked Changes, and another “clean”, formatted version where any comments are made clear. At Proof Master, we always aim to have edited documents back to you within the outlined deadline but, should there by a delay for any reason, you will be notified straight away.

Turnaround Times

We offer different turnaround times based on document size. The Turnaround Calculator below will help you select the time that best suits your deadline. Double check your return time at check out and remember to leave enough time to make any final adjustments suggested by your editor.




Standard turnaround from 48 hours for up to 10,000 words

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Express turnaround from 24 hours for up to 10,000 words

Ultra Express


Ultra Express turnaround from 12 hours for up to 8,000 words

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay?

You can pay using the link at checkout, or from your order overview in "My Account" by clicking the "Pay" button. Payment is taken in advance and once the payment has cleared we will commence work on your document. We offer a range of payment options.

What payment options do you accept

We accept payment from PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Alipay & WeChat Pay.

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Security and confidentiality is of upmost importance. Our editors sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure your confidentiality is maintained. Our online payment system uses encrypted SSL certificates to ensure your details are secure and we are a fully compliant GDPR company.

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