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Ensure your final draft is polished and ready for submission to your agent or publisher

£11.99 per 1,000 words

At Proof Master, our Manuscript Proofreading services are able to provide some much-needed peace of mind prior to having your work published. Having likely written a huge amount of drafts and invested countless hours, it can become very difficult to look at your work objectively and correct any errors or difficult-to-read parts. Once a final draft has been finished, it is very easy to view your work as complete, with proofreading taking a back seat now that the core content of the work has been finished. Our Manuscript Proofreading services are there to guarantee that the editing of your work is done to the same standard as its creation.

Sending a manuscript over to an agent or publisher with typos can have a significant effect on how your work is read. That is why it is vital that these kinds of errors are dealt with beforehand and do not take the focus away from your work. After all of the time that has been spent editing, your brain will likely be reading what it thinks the text says, or what you want it to say, rather than what is actually written. Our proofreaders carefully go through your manuscript to highlight and address any and all remaining flaws, helping you submit your work with complete confidence.

Service Examples

Novels & Short stories

Plays & Screenplays


No Fiction e.g., Biographies & Text Books

Manuscript Proofreading Services Overview

During our Manuscript Proofreading services, your selected editor will go through your work line by line. This will be, on one level, about the technical aspects of your work, such as typos, punctuation, and grammar errors. This service will also look to follow what your work is trying to communicate to its readers so, should there happen to be any glaring inconsistencies missed, these will also be commented on. Changes will be made in the Tracked Changes function of Microsoft Word so that any alterations can be readily identified so that you have complete control over the final version. You can also have complete confidence in our ability to select an editor with the content of your work in mind. So, whether you are writing non-fiction or a novel in any genre, we will have someone that is suitably experienced and capable of assistance. To discuss the specifics of your Manuscript Proofreading requirements, we recommend booking a consultation call with us on our contact page.

  • An error-free manuscript ready for submission
  • Tracked changes for you to approve each adjustment
  • Fiction and non-fiction editors available
  • Ideal for novels, short stories, plays, poetry and non-fiction
  • Confidence that your manuscript is finally finished

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What to Expect from Our Manuscript Proofreading Services

At Proof Master, our Manuscript Proofreading services have been developed to be as simple as possible for our clients. To get started, simply upload your document in a Microsoft Word document and we will proceed to select an appropriate editor. With all of our editors coming from a wide range of sectors and academic backgrounds, we are confident that your editor will be well-suited to you. As with all of our services, editors are also required to sign Non-Disclosure agreements prior to beginning work on any documents. This means that you have the peace of mind that your work will remain completely private.

Once you have uploaded your document, your editor will begin making their alterations using Microsoft Word’s Tracked Changes feature. This is used so that any changes made can be quickly identified and compared to what was originally written easily. Once your editor has finished their work on your document it will be passed through a final Quality Control check, ensuring that there aren’t any errors of any kind. You will then be notified via email that your document has been proofread. Your proofread document will be available for download from either your email or the “My Order” section of your Proof Master account. We always aim to have documents returned within the allocated time but, should there be any cause for delay, we will notify you immediately. To discuss any further questions you may have about our Manuscript Proofreading services, we recommend booking a consultation call with us on our contact page.

Turnaround Times

We offer different turnaround times based on document size. The Turnaround Calculator below will help you select the time that best suits your deadline. Double check your return time at check out and remember to leave enough time to make any final adjustments suggested by your editor.




Standard turnaround from 48 hours for up to 10,000 words

Express Turnaround



Express turnaround from 24 hours for up to 10,000 words

Ultra Express


Ultra Express turnaround from 12 hours for up to 8,000 words

Turnaround Calculator

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  Turnaround Time Price
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Optional Extras

Reference Formatting

Reference Formatting


Save time with our reference formatting service using the system of your choice: APA, Harvard, Chicago or MLA.

Documents with magnifying glass

Plagiarism Report


A detailed plagiarism report giving you the confidence you need before submitting your document.

Two documents with magnifying glasses

Double Editor

Save 10%

Get an additional editor to review your work and offer an alternative perspective.


Proofreading Certificate


Verify that the edits completed are compliant with academic third-party proofreading guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I request a FREE sample?

To request a free sample please get in touch using the form on the Contact page. One of the Proof Master team will be happy to help.

What payment options do you accept

We accept payment from PayPal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Apple Pay, Alipay & WeChat Pay.

Security & Confidentiality

Security and confidentiality is of upmost importance. Our editors sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure your confidentiality is maintained. Our online payment system uses encrypted SSL certificates to ensure your details are secure and we are a fully compliant GDPR company.

Why have the express times for my document increased?

When you upload your file, our system reads the number of words. Due to how quickly our editors can work, there is a limit to the number of words we can complete in a set time. As a result, larger documents require a longer deadline.

Do you have an editor suitable for my topic?

We have a diverse range of editors who work with us at Proof Master. We aim to pair your topic with an editor from a suitable background; from Banking & Finance to Physics or Biology. Feel free to add a comment when uploading your order to state your background preference.

How can I change my payment option?

If you have already uploaded a file and chosen to pay by Bank Transfer, for example, then later change your mind, you can navigate to the "My Account" section and view Orders. Next to the order in question, there will be a "Pay" button. Click this and it will take you back to checkout, where you can select from our various payment options.

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