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How Our Editors Rewrite a Document

When our editors rewrite a document for your business, we ensure that every stage is as simple as possible. We will ask for a brief summary of your target audience, or the purpose of your document and then edit according to your requirements. For some, this may be taking ideas discovered somewhere else and rephrasing them in accordance with their own business model whilst, for others, it can be about delivering clarity in a confusing document. The end result of our editing can be a nearly complete rewrite sentence-by-sentence or, if there are less issues, it may be that your editor focuses their efforts on creating a more natural flow to the document.

  • Shorten documents without losing content
  • Transform casual ideas into a high-quality pitch
  • Merge documents from multiple authors with contrasting styles
  • Rewrite old documents with a new perspective
  • Improve the corporate message

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What are the benefits?

At Proof Master, when our editors rewrite a document for your business, you can rest assured that your documents will have the degree of organisation, professional tone of voice, and flow that can often take countless hours to ensure. Similarly, when it comes to a business’s documents, it is common that a number of people contribute sections, meaning inconsistencies not just in the variance of technical ability, but in the range of writing styles present. Internal documents can also often be many thousands of words in length and need reducing, a task that can take a significant amount of time and effort.

Our Document Rework service has been created to cater for those in a busy work environment that need documents to be of a consistent quality without having to waste large amounts of time that they simply don’t have. That is why we are accustomed to taking rough ideas that have been quickly written down in meetings and transforming them into a document suitable for a professional setting. This could be taking a very casually-delivered pitch and giving it the professional edge it requires, or it could be that you require an entire training manual to be rewritten. In any case, our service will ensure a sophisticated and consistent finished product whilst saving you time.

What to Expect from Our Document Rework Service

At Proof Master, when our editors rewrite a document, our goal is to make every stage as simple as possible for our client. To get started, simply select our Document Rework service and upload anything you would like looked at as Microsoft Word documents. Once your documents have been received, we will select an editor that is experienced and suitable for your business. With all of the editors at Proof Master holding degrees and holding experience in a wide variety of sectors, you can have confident that your selected editor will be well-suited for your requirements. All editors are also required to sign Non-Disclosure agreements so you can also rest assured that your business will have complete privacy.

Whilst for most of our services our editors display their alterations through Microsoft Word’s Tracked Changes feature, they will highlight changes through coloured text when they rewrite a document. This is done for two reasons. The first of which is that these documents can be very long and require a large amount of moving text around the document, making changes quite confusing. The second is that, when it comes to sensitive documents, we have found that it is much easier to quickly identify changes made when text is coloured differently. Once your editor has finished working on your document, it will pass through a final Quality Control check to guarantee that it is error-free and done to the correct standard. Once finished, the document will be sent to you via email where it can be downloaded. It can also be downloaded from the “My Order” section of your Proof Master account. All documents will always, unless you are notified otherwise, be returned within the allocated timeframe for the service. To discuss the specifics of your Document Rework needs, we recommend booking a consultation call with us on our contact page.

Turnaround Times

We offer different turnaround times based on document size. The Turnaround Calculator below will help you select the time that best suits your deadline. Double check your return time at check out and remember to leave enough time to make any final adjustments suggested by your editor.

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Standard turnaround from 48 hours for up to 10,000 words

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Express turnaround from 24 hours for up to 10,000 words

Ultra Express


Ultra Express turnaround from 12 hours for up to 4,000 words

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Optional Extras

Reference Formatting

Reference Formatting


Save time with our reference formatting service using the system of your choice: APA, Harvard, Chicago or MLA.

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Plagiarism Report


A detailed plagiarism report giving you the confidence you need before submitting your document.

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Double Editor

Save 10%

Get an additional editor to review your work and offer an alternative perspective.


Proofreading Certificate


Verify that the edits completed are compliant with academic third-party proofreading guidelines.

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We Work With Qualified Editors

We recognise our editors are our greatest asset. That’s why we invest the time in ensuring we nurture and support their talent. All of our editors are native English speakers and hold a minimum of an undergraduate degree from a UK university. Many, however, have PhDs, PCGEs and Professorships, as well as professional editing qualifications.

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