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Our enhanced editing service is a specialised service designed to address higher level edits within your work. As well as correcting proofing errors, our editing service will ensure sentences flow, ideas link and readers can easily follow your argument. Whether your looking to improve the academic strength of your essay or ensure a blog or corporate document delivers the impact you desire, rest assured your edit has the expertise required to make this happen.

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English as a Second Language

Attending university can be a challenge for any student, however, when you are in a new country, learning and writing in a different language, it can feel overwhelming.

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Student & Academic

Proof Master’s job is to help make the university experience easier. Higher education comes with new styles of referencing, new essay structures and a whole new way of writing. We aim to guide you through the world of higher education.

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Business & Corporate

Business documents can come under incredible scrutiny. Typos and errors suggest a company doesn’t pay careful attention to detail and can have a greater negative impact than you may expect.

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