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Effective communication has considerable and diverse implications. Whether you are writing a marketing pitch, submitting your dissertation, writing a job application or putting the finishing touches on your book, the written word is at the forefront. The way you express yourself can communicate professionalism, suitability for a role and the hours of time you have dedicated to developing your expertise. Some people are natural authors; for others, it can be challenging, and sometimes, you just need it to be absolutely perfect.

Proof Master is an online proofreading and editing service. Our editors’ skills and expertise have diverse application, meaning we are able to cater to the unique needs of students, businesses and authors. Our team has a long-standing history of editing documents from clients all around the world, from the UK and America to China and the Middle East. We are accustomed to offering editing services to clients with dyslexia and those who use English as a second language (ESL).

We offer dedicated services under the following categories: Students, Businesses, Authors and ESL. The needs of each group are considered to be sufficiently different to require editors with different skill sets. We invite you to browse the different services to see what best suits your needs. If you are unsure or would like to request a free sample, please get in touch through the contact form or send us an email.


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Business & Corporate

Business documents can come under incredible scrutiny. Typos and errors suggest a company doesn’t pay careful attention to detail and can have a greater negative impact than you may expect.

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English as a Second Language

Attending university can be a challenge for any student, however, when you are in a new country, learning and writing in a different language, it can feel overwhelming.

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Professional & Other

Writing professionally can be intense. The idea that hundreds, thousands or hundreds of thousands of people will read your piece means you want it to best showcase your skills.

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Student & Academic

Proof Master’s job is to help make the university experience easier. Higher education comes with new styles of referencing, new essay structures and a whole new way of writing. We aim to guide you through the world of higher education.

Our Proofreaders

We employ exceptionally high-quality proofreaders from a diverse range of backgrounds. Prior to joining the team, they undergo an intense assessment process to ensure their attention to detail meets the standards our clients expect. Each test is carefully reviewed by our Editing Director to ensure consistently high standards from all accepted editors. All of our editors are native English speakers and hold a minimum of an undergraduate degree from a UK university. Many, however, have PhDs, PCGEs and Professorships, as well as professional editing qualifications. Our editors continue to receive constructive feedback and quality assurance reviews whilst working with Proof Master.

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