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Proofreading & Editorial Services

Proof Master is the go-to place in the UK for native and non-native English speaking students seeking the highest quality editing services to accomplish the grades they deserve.

From £11.99 per 1,000 words


Professional editing to guarantee the high quality work you desire.

Your academic success, and ultimately your future career, depends on your grades. Those grades, however, are dictated by the quality of your written work.

Proof Master is an online proofreading and editing service that specialises in working with students. Our team has a long-standing history of editing documents for students all around the world, from the UK and America to China and the Middle East. We are accustomed to offering proofreading services to students with dyslexia and students who use English as a second language.

We recognise how hard students work on understanding their subject matter, however also appreciate that academic writing is a difficult skill to master. Students often complain about losing marks for poor academic styling, which is where Proof Master can help. Our proofreading services are designed to improve the academic strength of written work, therefore helping students to present their ideas in the clear, academic style that markers expect.

Using Proof Master’s online proofreading and editing services guarantees that your work and ideas are presented to the highest quality, helping you to achieve the grades you deserve. Whether or not you have a strong grasp of academic vocabulary shouldn’t determine your grades, and ultimately, your success. If you are a native English speaker looking to improve the way your ideas link, or use English as your second language and want to ensure your grammar is perfect, Proof Master’s online proofreading and editing services are for you.

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Professional Proofreading

£11.99 per 1,000 words

Corrects spelling, grammar, punctuation and enhances flow & style with smart vocabulary swaps. For work that’s word perfect.

  • Grammar, Punctuation & Spelling
  • Helpful comments
  • Stylistic changes
  • In-text reference formatting
  • Document formatting


Enhanced Copy Editing

£18.99 per 1,000 words

Careful rewording improves the quality of written English, boosts academic strength, enhances flow and adds impact. Top quality means top marks.

Everything in Professional Proofreading +

  • Strengthens arguments
  • Improves quality of written English & academic strength
  • Improves flow & readability
  • In-text reference formatting

Best Value

Paraphrasing & Rewriting

£32.99 per 1,000 words

Completely transforms assignments whilst maintaining original meaning. For the ultimate in clarity, impact and academic perfection.

Everything in Enhanced Editing +

  • Significantly improves quality of written English & academic strength
  • Original content for developmental editing
  • Meet your word count

Essay Critique

£11.99 per 1,000 words

Tailored advice, relevant feedback and expert comments for clear ideas on what changes are needed to boost those crucial grades.


90p per minute

Reliable, accurate, affordable and fully confidential. Submit audio or video files for a guaranteed time-saving 12-hour turnaround.

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