Ordering With Proof Master

Welcome to Proof Master's payment page. If you are looking to pay for a service following a quote, please click the PayPal "Pay Now" button on this page and follow the instructions. Once we have received confirmation of your payment we will begin work. Alternatively you can pay via BACS, please contact us for more information. 

PayPal is an online secure transaction platform for individuals to make and receive payments. For more information visit www.paypal.com.


Payment Process

Choose Your Service

Decide on a service and contact us for a personalised quote. We aim to get back to any inquiry in less than 30 minutes.

Receive Your Quote

After we have dealt with your enquiry you will receive a personalised quote specifying what we will do and when your work will be returned. Payment instructions will be included.

Pay via PayPal or BACS

Payment must be made before we start any work. We offer payment via PayPal or BACS transfer. The easiest way is to use our PayPal link on this page and follow the instructions.

Work Begins

At this point your allocated proofreader or transcriber will receive your work. We value privacy and use only secure communication and payment methods.


Your completed work will be returned by the agreed deadline. If you have selected our proofreading service you will receive two documents; one containing all of our tracked changes and a second “clean” version with tracked changes accepted

Coming Soon

At Proof Master we are currently investing a lot of time improving our systems to better suit our customer needs. Over the coming months we aim to introduce a number of systems and processes targeted toward improving our user experience. We hope all our users from Business Professionals to Students will benefit from these changes.


Streamlined checkout process

This feature will include an option for a login account, revised document submission and a simplified payment process. Clients will be able to submit, pay and receive their documents through one simple process. This will have huge benefits for all clients particularly regular transcription clients who are on tight deadlines. 


Caption Service

Alongside our Transcription service we are looking to include a Caption service. Once this comes online you will have a very powerful tool at your finger tips. Clients will be able to edit video subtitles free as well as take advantage of integrating API coding to seamlessly integrate with your systems to ensure those bigger projects go smoothly.


Corporate Accounts

Another addition will be the accommodation for corporate accounts and monthly billing. Our corporate customers will be able to take advantage of team based access permissions, monthly invoicing on a Net 30 Terms of Payment basis, and much more. 

Free CV Building Tool

Finally another free tool for our users to utilise will be our CV Building Tool. Here you will be able to custom design your CV, submit relevant information and choose from an extensive selection of CV formats. If you feel you need a helping hand we have a team of professionals on hand to ensure you market all aspects of your professional life effectively.