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Paraphrasing & Rewriting Service

£29.99 Per 1,000 Words

Proof Master's most comprehensive editing service consists of both Paraphrasing & Rewriting, designed to transform your document and maximise its full potential. This is an extremely popular service which we see the most returning customers for. Many of our customers agree this service offers the best value for the level of service you receive. Try a free no obligation 200 word sample of our service today, just send us your document and we will get started immediately! 


Included in this service is our Word Deletion Service which is summarised in the table below. Rewriting offers the most comprehensive level of word deletion. Proof Master believes this to be the most professional method as random deletion of text may result in the document becoming disjointed. This method ensures continuity and readability. Whether that be a same day turnaround or specific reference formatting, we can do this for you. For more information please see the table below which summarises these services. 


Paraphrasing, sometimes referred to as Copy Writing, is the act of rephrasing bodies of text that have not originally been written by yourself. If you are having trouble rephrasing a source document this service is tailored to your needs. The result will be a well-written document of equal academic strength and quality that is able to pass plagiarism systems such as turn-it-in. Particularly useful for students.

The main difference between Paraphrasing and Rewriting is that paraphrasing may be a well written body of text but is not original. Rewriting on the other hand is usually original text that requires improvement with regards to its strength of English, sentence structure and flow. 


Rewriting is fairly self-explanatory; it is where original bodies of text are entirely rewritten to improve clarity and academic strength. This service can greatly improve the calibre of professional documents such as formal letters and brochures, ensuring your company is presented at its very best.

Alternatively, students wanting to get the absolute best out of their essay may choose this service. We are happy to accommodate the unique needs of each of our clients, therefore please contact us so we can start working our magic today. 

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£10 per Page of References

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For extra peace of mind our work is 100% guaranteed. If you are unhappy for any reason, just let us know and we will do everything we can to resolve the issue. For examples on some of our work please refer to the gallery below. Here you will also see how your document will be returned - in blue are our suggestions below your work. We offer a range of extras to help cater for any requests. 


All work by Proof Master should only be perceived as suggestions that could be made to improve work and should not be submitted verbatim. All proofreading and suggestions remain under the ownership of Proof Master.