Essay Critique

Essay Critique Service

£10 Per 1,000 Words

Struggling with how to improve your essay? Don't know what to address or where to start? Not a problem. Proof Master's Essay Critique Service provides a high-level review of your personal essay, pointing out ways you can improve your work, as well as reasons your work may be getting marked down. The result is a set of highly tailored advice to get the best out of your essay. Our editors are highly experienced and very knowledgable in this field so you can be assured the feedback you receive will be relevant and helpful. It offers an overall evaluation of the essay’s strengths and weaknesses including:

  • Appropriateness of references
  • Specific comments on your essay’s structure, focus, voice, and clarity.
  • Specific comments on appropriateness of content in relation to your title.
  • Red flags for consistent issues throughout the document to help improve your writing style.
  • Provides a clear idea of what changes need to be made. 

*Please note this service alone will not make any changes, however we can offer this service in combination with one of Proof Master's editing service at a discounted rate. 

Essay Critique Package Deals

How does it work?

Combine our Essay Critique service with one of our editing services and get our editors to make the changes that we identify in our in-depth analysis. 

Your editor will firstly critique the content of your document and provide constructive feedback. They will then begin work on your document using an appropriate editing service as well as making the changes. This where this service differs from our standard services. Whilst your essay will be edited in line with the standard service e.g. Enhanced Editing (see service description), we will be making specific changes tailored to your feedback.


Some examples of changes in accordance with feedback include:

  • Restructuring
  • Adjusting references
  • Linking paragraphs
  • Relating back to the title/ different paragraphs
  • Removing unnecessary points/sections
Essay Critique + Proofreading

* Punctuation

* Grammar

* Spelling

* Stylistic Changes

£9.99 + £7

Essay Critique + Enhanced Editing

* Improves quality of written English & academic strength

* Paragraphs better Linked

* Rewrites select sentences

* Includes all features of Proofreading

£18.99 + £7

Essay Critique + Rewriting

*Significantly improves quality of written English & academic strength

*Helps reduce plagiarism

*Includes all features of Proofreading & Enhanced Editing

£29.99 + £5

Please note if you have chosen a package deal and the work to be done exceeds the scope of that service we may not be able to complete the changes on the document. In which case you will be provided with the option to upgrade to a higher service for us to make the changes. We cannot add content to your essays, so not all feedback may be possible to address. Unlike our other services where we can guarantee keeping the word count similar, essay critique removes unnecessary content to ensure clarity and relevance therefore it may change the word count significantly. If this situation arises, where possible we will provide suggestions for sections that can be expanded. Our editors are highly experienced and very knowledgable in this field so you can be assured the feedback you receive will be relevant and helpful. 


*Disclaimer for Critique service: Interpretation of essays is subjective. We cannot guarantee our editors will highlight the same issues as you tutor, for example, or that your tutor will view your essay in the same light as our editors. We cannot tailor our feedback towards a specific grade. Proof Master can only work with the content provided to us, therefore we cannot be responsible for your final grade.